Q: What specific things are you doing, as an individual in your community, that you believe are helping to "Make America Great Again"?

A: That is a great question and I could probably say here are some things that I'm doing. Number one I'm not congesting the street protesting something crying and whining when there's nothing to protest here in Seattle. There is no Trump building to stand outside up and complain too. I'm also not congesting the street turning this "protest" in to an act of violence against innocent people. I also do not take part in any social programs that are abused all the time that my tax dollars go to every month. I pay my taxes I pay my bills and I do not complain. I also have started becoming more active in my church trying to be a positive role model for youth. Along with that I do volunteer my time helping out with veterans and other important causes. Along with that I do donate money to these programs for veterans. Right now since I'm not coming home for Christmas I'm actually looking for a way to volunteer to feed veterans Christmas dinner giving up my Christmas day to serve the community.

Q: What news sources do you get your information from?

A: I get a lot of my news from Fox news along with listening to Rush Limbaugh. I also read the newspaper mainly USA Today. USA today is a more moderate or Cenerist news source.

Q: With the news that a Russian diplomat has been assassinated in Turkey (a Muslim country) for Russia's role in Syria, do you think there will be backlash here in America due to Trump's support of all things Putin / Russian?

A: Based on everything I have seen and read I feel this was a direct act of Jihad. I don't feel there will be any backlash to us as it seems neither Turkey or Russia are trying to blow this out of proportion. I don't see how or why we would be involved. I don't see how the respect the 2 men have for each other will put us on a hit list for what has occurred.

Q: What from Trump's campaign message most resonated with you and what is your biggest criticism of Trump's platform?

A: I love his campaign slogan "make America great again" this really grabbed me and got me to listen to his policies. I am very much in favor of his stance on veteran affairs, immigration, his tax plan, foreign policy, 2nd amendment support, and his national defense stance. I believe we need stronger boarder control to cut down on drugs and violence along with preserving our workforce for Americans. Taking care of our vets is a huge priority as they are the reason we enjoy our freedom daily and their sacrifice should not go unnoticed. As far as foriegn policy the key factor is to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, promote regional stability, and produce an easing of tensions in the world. Work with Congress to fully repeal the defense sequester and submit a new budget to rebuild our depleted military. I am not a big fan of his stance on abortion as I do think the woman should have the right to decide in cases of rape, incest, or health.

Q: Are there any parts of Obamacare (The ACA) that you'd keep, or would you repeal it in total?

A: This is a great question. Although I'm against 99% of Obamacare. There are some parts that I think are good. I do like the fact the Medicare has improved for seniors. That is very important to take care of our elderly. Also a lot of children that phone the poverty line get healthcare now which is important to take care of our youth. Along with the fact that pre-existing conditions will be covered. However parts that I absolutely hate are the fact that in anticipation for this and players cut a lot of hours for employees so that way they don't have to pay for employee benefits. This hurts the economy and the employee. Also the fact that lower wage employees that have employer healthcare offered cannot get cost assistance to go through Obamacare. Going through Obamacare they could actually get a better value but they will pay more money because their employer offers health care. Also Obamacare has increased taxes for the upper-class to cover the cost of healthcare.

Q: Why do you believe not being a politician is a strength?

A: I personally believe this is the strength because people have been complaining forever that they want a regular Joe in office. Donald Trump certainly isn't your stereo typical regular Joe because he's a billionaire but having no political background I view as a strength. He is not swayed by special interest groups or being bought by corporations. The guy funded his own political campaign. I think that not having ties to outside sources wanting you to go one way or another on topics allows you to really set your own platform. That's my personal opinion.

Q: Trump's cabinet so far is the richest ever and lowest educated cabinet in decades. Do you think he is putting the most qualified individuals in place?

A: I don't think how rich somebody is determines if they are good for the job. I do like a lot of the appointments. However there is a lack of education in that field but that doesn't mean that this will be a failure. Clearly he sees something in each appointment that he feels will be valuable to his cabinet. Are there some better options than people that have been put in place sure am I worried no. Believe the cabinet pics are good for business. which could help us ride into a thriving economy. The fact that he has put prior vocal rivals in position shows that he is not just playing favorites and he is reaching outside of his inner circle of influence to really put the best people he feels in place for the job. Like I said some of the appointments have a lack of education in the field but I'm at least willing to give it a shot before I start saying it's a disaster.

Q: Is your livelihood more important than clean air and water?

A: It's 2016. We have cleaner ways to get what we need from the earth then we did years ago. Also green energy takes away jobs from the oil and coal industry. I think both can exist and I also think that pollution is byproduct from having people on the planet. I don't think climate change "global warming" is a concern. The world is a living organism. It goes through stages of warming and also ice ages. It's been well documented by scientist. Yes the environment is important but it should not take away from our economy and businesses and jobs that people rely upon to feed their families. I do think that repealing the Obama water rule will ultimately be a good thing because we can have the EPA enforce regulations well preserving jobs.

Q: Is Russia our ally? Should we support Russia's expansionist moves?

A: When it comes to Russia I don't think we are thier Ally at all. I think that we don't want to stir the pot and have no reason to be against them right now. Nobody wants a Third World war why do we have to lead the charge of saying stop this when other European nations are doing their part? As far as supporting their expansion his moves I think that we stay where were at and we let other European nations such as Germany step in and lead the charge. This has nothing to do with us right now. We do not need to be the world police.

Q: After running on a platform of "draining the swamp", does Trump's assembling of the wealthiest cabinet in history cause you any concerns? In what sense does even more money in Washington mitigate, rather than heighten, the risk of political corruption?

A: I have no problem with any of the cabinet appointments. I think everyone that he is appointing is very intelligent and versed in the field they are being appointed in. Last time I checked there's really no dumb billionaires so they obviously know what they're doing when it comes to business and affairs. There is no political corruption on this that is just liberal propaganda.

Q: Do you agree with Trump's many appointments of billionaires to his cabinet? Do you still think he's on track to "drain the swamp?"

A: I agree with all the cabinet appointments. I don't see a problem with any of them. He is building a fire team to leave the country.

Q: I'm wondering about the clear contrast between campaign rhetoric and post election behavior from the Trump campaign. I understand all candidates return to the center a bit post election in order to rule the masses, but Trump seems to have shifted further right, pandering to Wall Street, Big Oil, and any other billionaire class he can find. How do working class Americans reconcile the "Corrupt Hilary," "Drain the Swamp," "Bring back Jobs" talk with cronyism and warm relationships with the very companies that are sending jobs overseas for decades. How does welfare for the billionaires in the form of trillions of dollars in tax breaks and deregulation that artificially subsidizes the cost of doing business seem fair against welfare and healthcare for Americans who can't afford to feed their families or middle class workers trying to find a few extra pennies to go in vacation, etc.

A: A socialist president is the worst thing that could happen. All these questions are geared towards a Bernie Sanders supporter clearly. I'm sorry that my tax dollars should not go to social programs I don't need to participate in such as free healthcare or Obamacare and other ridiculous social programs that will raise taxes and do nothing for me. I think it is intelligent to give tax breaks the companies that are going to keep jobs here. If jobs leave then the Liberals complain more if they stay here they cry even more. It's a lose lose situation. The extreme left wing people find something to whine and complain about all the time. They refused to see any of the good that is being done.

Q: Do you believe any of Trump's campaign promises were just for show? If yes, can you give an example?

A: I can't say any of his campaign promises were just for show. I like everything that he's done as president elect so far. Definitely has done more not even in office than Obama did in eight years.

Q: Do you believe Trump has any ethical conflicts of interest with his business? If yes, how would you like him to fix/resolve them?

A: I don't really know how to answer this question seeing that I don't know everything about his businesses. But I do see that he is giving over controlling power to his children and other trusted individuals. I could care less of the president has businesses outside of the White House that he gives control and power away well (sic) in the office.

Q: What is Trump's greatest strength that makes him fit for office since he has no public service experience?

A: The fact that he's not a politician is a huge strength. The fact that he is not swayed by special interest groups and he is not in no one's pocket like Hillary Clinton. And the fact that he is a billionaire and a brilliant businessman will help our country and our economy get out of the toilet.

Q: What do you believe will be Trump's largest challenge in running the executive branch?

A: I think the largest challenge will be the adjustment of being a businessman to a politician. Everyone has a challenging time going into office from any background. Even if they were political before does not mean it's an easy transition.

Q: What one thing would you like to see Trump do in his first 100 days in office?

A: I would love to see him repeal Obama care. This is a horrible thing that was put in place and needs to be removed. I would love to see something better put in place that does not decrease the care and quality of the healthcare system.

Q: What is the campaign promise you'd be most upset about if Trump fails to do so?

A: I would be very upset if you did not repeal Obamacare. It is the worst policy Obama put in place it cost tons of money for horrible healthcare it is wrecked the private healthcare sector by raising to the deductibles and lowering the quality of healthcare.

Q: With the recent reveal that Trump is only hearing a few intel briefings since becoming president elect, how do you think he will handle the first terrorism attack that happens on home soil while he is in charge? Does he declare war? Take away rights? Enforce martial law?

A: I think if there is any terrorism attack on American soil the people will be happy that Donald Trump is president. He actually has a set of balls when Obama does not. No one will screw with America because Trump will throw the righteous Hammer of God at them. He will not take away rights or enforce martial law that is stupid hippie bullshit.

Q: What Crayola color Do you prefer your Trump skin tone, Mango Orange or Burnt Sienna?

A: I don't know how to answer this question but I love it when he wears a liberal teardrop blue colored suit.

Q: How can a conservative sell out 9/11ths of their value system to support Trump? (Does not include the desire to see their team win)

A: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Q: Since Mike Pence did such a poor job of running Sterling-Cooper on AMC's Mad Men, why do you think he'll do better as VP?

A: I think Mike Pence is a great partner for Donald Trump. He is not as polarizing and I feel that he will bring a lot to the table seeing that he is not as extreme right on somethings is Donald Trump which should give good balance.

Q: Burning Coal. 19th century technology. Largest emitter of radioactive material in US. Why is it still a valid technology going forward besides WV voting for Trump?

A: Burning coal is a great source of power for the United States. We have a lot of coal in the ground and a lot of jobs and businesses that are involved with this. We cannot rely on wind and solar power to be a complete power source for the nation. If you take away the coal mining industry where do you expect all these people to go work?